When Taking ADHD Meds Is the Same As Having an Eating Disorder

… “People experience a lot of denial about what they’re really feeling,” Kabas said. “There’s pressure to look a certain way in our society. I don’t know that it’s always so clear if a person feels ‘I’m definitely going to be on this [drug] because it’s making me thin,’ or, ‘Oh, this [side effect] is pretty cool,’ because of all that societal pressure.”

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Do Not Plan a “Last Night Ever” With Your Ex

… “Getting together in [a romantic] way defeats the purpose [of why] you were breaking up,” Kabas said. “It just prolongs the agony.”

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What Is Intermittent Fasting? Why Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Has an Absolutely Bonkers Diet

… It is also highly risky for people with eating disorders or those vulnerable to developing them, says Michele Kabas, LCSW, a certified eating disorder specialist. “Fasting is, I do believe, a form of disordered eating,” she says. “It’s a way that you believe that you are taking care of your body, even while you are ignoring your body’s hunger cues.”

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The Recovery Warrior Show: Finding Your Voice with Michele Kabas, LCSW

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Tips for Eating Disorder Survivors This Holiday Season

…The holidays can be a difficult time of year for anyone, but a season which focuses on food and family can be particularly difficult for eating disorder survivors. “Family time brings up many dynamics around relationships and food,” says Michele Kabas, a certified eating disorder specialist and licensed clinical social worker based in New York.

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How the Pizzadilla Can Actually Help Men With Eating Disorders

… “It’s likely that the number of men who suffer from binge-eating disorders is higher,” says Michele Kabas, a psychotherapist who specializes in eating disorders among men. “In society, there’s an assumption that eating disorders are really just anorexia and bulimia, and that it’s about people who deliberately starve themselves for long periods of time. But in reality, eating disorders are way more complicated, and more men suffer from them than you’d expect.”

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My Therapist Wrote My Breakup Text

… “You were setting a boundary with that text,” Michele Kabas, a licensed clinical social worker, explained.

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Real Body Talk : Michele Kabas

From hormonal shifts to children leaving home and everything in between, midlife can be a challenging time of change. In episode 6 of Real Body Talk, Jennifer talks with Michele Kabas, LCSW, about how the physical and emotional changes women in midlife experience can contribute to body image concerns. Tune in for tips on how to find acceptance toward your body and connect with your vitality, passions, and personal power at all stages of life.